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Teach Grant Program

If you are a high school student that is college bound or maybe a college student that has not declared a major teaching may prove to be the opportunity you are looking for. There is a shortage of teachers in many states and the government has stepped up to the plate by offering special financial incentives in the way of financial aid for students that agree to teach in underserved areas.


You can get a free ride to college with this program. There are some stipulations that you must agree to. You have to sign a contract and things could get financially ugly if you try to back out of the agreement.



You can apply for the Teach Grant Program online at the Department of Education website for student financial aid. You will have to have an initial counseling where the agreement that you have to sign will be explained in detail. There are three sections in all that you have to complete of the counseling. Each section is followed by a quiz to insure that you completely understand the requirements of the program.

You will need to notify the program of what school you are attending and you must be in good standing at the school. The school will be notified of the grant once it is in place.

You must remain in good standing at the university throughout the life of the grant. This means that you must make good academic progress and meet or exceed class requirements to receive a passing grade.

The agreement is that you will give 5 years of your professional career to a school that is desperate for teachers. You may have to relocate and you may have to work in an area that you do not really want to work in but the fact is clear you will do what teachers are meant to do and that is to help children to learn.

What You Get

As a student that chooses this program and to enter the teaching profession you get a free ride through college if you have federal student loans you also have those forgiven once you fulfill your contract obligations.

You also get a job when you get out of college which in this job market is not an easy task. Of course you may have to be willing to relocate but it is well worth the risk of relocation.

Check out the Teach Grant Program to see if it may be right for you.