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Talbots Women's Scholarship Fund

Education is freedom! Women now make up 75% of the academic community is colleges and universities. Getting to college for a young women should not be hindered by her ability to pay the tuition. Every woman is entitled to an education but sometimes finding those education dollars can be a bit rough. 


The Talbots Women's Scholarship Fund is a place that young women can apply for college dollars.

How To Apply

There are certain requirements in place to apply for a scholarship through the fund. First you must meet the eligibility requirements:

Applicants to the Talbots Scholarship Foundation must:

• Be women currently residing in the United States or Canada;

• Be women who earned a high school diploma or their GED on or before September 2002;
• Be enrolled or planning to enroll in full- or part-time undergraduate study at an accredited two-, three- or four-year college or university in the United States or Canada;
• Be attending the full 2012-13 academic year and receiving a degree no earlier than May 2013; and
• Have at least two semesters (24 credit hours or more) remaining to complete an undergraduate degree as of the beginning of the 2012 fall academic term.

You have to register to apply on the Talbot website. Once you register to apply you can begin the application process. There are documents that you can gather that will be helpful in the application process.

You will want to have on hand your academic record from college and from high school (transcripts), any work history or volunteer history and you will also need any extracurricular activity information.

Read all the directions completely incomplete applications will not be accepted and will put you at risk for not being considered. Late applications are not accepted so you must be sure to pay attention to the time frames.

Amount of Scholarships

There will be 17 grants for the 2013 academic year awarded each one totaling $10,000 and there will b one $30,000 scholarship awarded. This scholarship program is a valuable program that can really help ease the pain of college tuition.

Prepare all the necessary paperwork that you will need to submit with your package ahead of time and make sure to follow all the rules for applying to increase your chances of receiving the scholarship.

The Talbot's Women's Scholarship Fund has helped hundreds of young women meet their educational goals through the years. You can be one of them.