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Scholarships For Single Mothers


The decision to go to school is a very difficult choice to make. And it takes a lot of time to attend classes, and even more time to study for and do well in those same class. On top of that, you have to pay for what degree you're going back for. Thought it is definitely worth it, it can be very straining. This is especially true for single mothers. But luckily there are scholarships available for single mothers, and here are few tips to find them:





1.       Do an Internet search-this seems overly simple, but you might be surprised at some of the results you get.  It never hurts to apply, and the more you apply for the higher your chances are of winning one. Besides, this method takes such an insignificant amount of time that I had to throw it in.  Also, because search engines are based on relevancy, it's entirely possible that you'll find small obscure scholarships that you would not otherwise have found.


2.      Talk to your financial aid counselor –and this is a huge an important step that many people unfortunately just do not take.  Your financial aid counselor is primarily there to help you process scholarships and financial aid forms, there is also a wealth of information on finding scholarships.  In fact, most financial aid offices have volumes of scholarship listings, and their certain to know at least ten scholarships that are specifically targeted for single mothers.  If your counselor doesn't happen to know about the specific scholarships, ask if they know someone who does.  Because the scholarships that are specifically targeted to single mothers have much less competition and there for a higher chance of being awarded to you, which makes them worth the effort of finding them.


3.      Government grants –the government offers all kinds of grants, and frequently subsidizes education.  However, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out exactly who you should be talking to define what you need.  Again, I would recommend doing a whole Internet search for the frase "scholarships for single mothers," and then call what ever department comes out.  It is usually simply too much work to go through the web site, talking to someone on the phone might not be any easier, but it is worth a try.


The main thing to keep in mind is to not give up.  Remember, the more scholarships that you find, and the more you apply for the better your chances of getting an award.  Especially once you get the application process down, it is actually fairly easy to apply for one or more scholarships daily.  Once you start doing this, you're almost guaranteed to get some kind of award, especially if you're applying to focused and targeted scholarships made specifically for single mothers.  Also, try to make a chart of the scholarships that you have applied for.  Nothing is more embarrassing than applying to the same scholarship two or three times.  These few tips can get you started on the path to your college degree free of debt, now it is your job to use them so get started!