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Scholarships for Military Spouses

Military spouses are a truly disadvantageous group when it comes to many things in life. With all the moves they have to make to follow their loved ones all over the globe there are many sacrifices made to include family, education, and career. To offset such inconveniences, there is a number of steps have been made by government, to include scholarships for military spouses, decreasing the burden of education costs. 



One of the major positive changes in military benefits were brought by the GI Bill, allowing service members to transfer part, or even all, of their allotment to a spouse. While there are certain limitations applicable, it allows military spouses to get a degree at an accredited institution at a little or, sometimes, no cost at all. Since many still would not qualify for full tuition waiver under GI Bill, there is a number of other options available in a form of scholarships.  

The Military Spouse Career Advancement Account, a new test collaboration project launched by Department of Defense and Department of Labor, is the best source of scholarships for military spouses. $32 million has been allocated for funding education for military spouses under this project, allowing them to fulfill a dream of better education. Applicants, seeking education in high-growth fields, such as education, health care, information technology, and many others, are eligible. The Military Spouse Career Advancement Account reimburses all education-related expenses of approved program participants to include tuition, fees, textbooks, lab fees, etc.

37 scholarships for military spouses are also awarded annually under Operation Homefront Spouse Scholarship program. Being highly competitive, it is a truly prestigious award to receive. The application process is very simple and requires little time. A questionnaire regarding life exp eriences and an essay is required to apply for Operation Homefront Spouse Scholarship. 

National Military Family Association awards a number of scholarships every year to spouses of active military service members. While they only range from $500 to $1,000 each, eligibility criteria are very basic and the application is short and simple. Application may be completed and submitted entirely online. 

There are a number of other resources available to get information about scholarships for military spouses. An online search may help you to discover many other scholarship opportunities to assist you with your education needs. While many military spouses tend to focus on applying for grants and scholarships designed for military, there are scholarship programs out there with more general eligibility criteria welcoming you to apply.