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Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Education should be one of those freedoms offered to all Americans. Higher education should also be available to everyone regardless of income but unfortunately it is not. It can be really difficult as a first generation American to get the money together to be able to attend college. 


“The Hispanic Scholarship Fund believes that the country prospers when all Americans have access to the opportunities a college education can afford.  As the nation’s leading Hispanic higher education fund, HSF works to address the barriers that keep many Latinos from earning a college degree. In addition to scholarship opportunities for deserving Latino students, we offer a broad range of outreach and educational programming to help students and their families navigate through the rigors of college life.” from the scholarship fund website.


Of course the eligibility is dependent on your ethnic background. You must be of Hispanic origins to be eligible. The other eligibility requirements are:

• Have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale (or the equivalent)
• Be a U.S. citizen OR legal permanent resident with a valid permanent resident card or passport stamped I-551
• Be pursuing or plan to pursue your first undergraduate or graduate degree
• Must apply for federal financial aid using the free application for federal student aid (FAFSA)
• Plan to enroll full-time as an undergraduate or graduate student at a U.S. accredited institution in the U.S., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, or Guam in the upcoming academic year.

The HSF has awarded over thirty million dollars in scholarship monies since its inception in 1975 and there are several different scholarship opportunities through the fund.

It is important that you familiar yourself with the individual requirements of each opportunity for scholarship monies that the HSF has to offer, some scholarship opportunities may have additional criteria that has to be met.

Amount of Scholarships

The dollar amounts of the scholarships vary but some of them are very generous and will cover the majority of the educational costs for a four year program and in some cases graduate programs. This is an excellent opportunity for Hispanic Americans high school students to find a way to attend college.

This Hispanic Scholarship Fund is an umbrella fund that offers many different scholarships to Hispanic American students. If you are Hispanic American do not let this opportunity slip by. Fill out the FAFSA to get started today!