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Finding High School Scholarships

Finding high school scholarships can be overwhelming, especially if you're just finishing high school or in first year of high school, you're probably feeling pretty overwhelmed with all the things that you have to do to get ready for college. For some, just finding a college can be a very stressful and difficult task let alone paying for it! So, to take some of the stress out of paying for this education, you've probably looked into different kinds of scholarships. Unfortunately, you probably gotten pretty frustrated with them too. Here are few tips that I think will help you to find more high school scholarships:



 Meet with your guidance counselor – meeting with your guidance counselor can be a fantastic way to find a lot of local scholarships that apply to you.  The guidance counselor will have a intimate knowledge of all the scholarships that are offered for your year and locale, especially since some of the local scholarships won't be available anywhere else such as online, this can be a fantastic way to find scholarships with very little competition.  While you're there, you might want to ask them if there's anything you can do that will allow you to qualify for more scholarships. They should also have all the forms that you need to fill out to apply for the scholarships.

Learn about yourself – I know this sounds silly, but by organizing all the information about you it can be very easy to find more scholarships that you qualify for.  For example, any extracurricular activities that you participate in probably open you up to some scholarships that you may or may not be aware of.  Also, check to see of there are any scholarships in the industry that you want to go into.  The industry's pool their resources to offer scholarships in the hopes of bettering their workforce.  Organizing the information this way will also make it much faster to apply for a larger number of scholarships, because you will have to keep looking up dates and times and organizations.

Scholarships search engines –believe it or not, there are huge web portals who's entire purpose is to be a directory of scholarships.  Join at least three of these, even though they are highly competitive, because so many people are on them, every little scholarship you can get will help.  The other thing that I like about these web portals is that they bring the scholarships to you, so you can look at other places and then just fall back on the web portal when you bookmark and apply to all the other ones you found.  Another thing I like is that you can sort them by date, so you don't ever apply to a scholarship that won't be awarded for another year or one that has already passed.

Hopefully these tips will help you find more high school scholarships and also help you better transition into college. While it is undoubtedly fun, it can be very stressful once you start seeing your student loans pileup, so make sure to find and apply to as many scholarships as you possibly can. Besides, if you work hard enough you can actually get more scholarships than your tuition needs, and then you actually receive a stipend from your financial aid apartment. That definitely beats taking out loans that you will have to pay back!