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College Scholarships for Single Mothers


The administration that is working currently in  United States of America feels that there is a need of college scholarships for single mothers who have to face many difficulties while pursuing an education.





How to Apply — In order to apply for this type of federal student aid you will have to fill a free FAFSA application. In order to process this application you need to have your income tax statement with you and with this statement you will have to go to some local financial aid office in any of the universities that is near you.  



Here are a few of the college scholarships for single mothers that are available:



The Obama College Scholarship Program – This program allows qualified individuals to choose which education program they would want to be enrolled to.


College scholarships for women over 40—These scholarships are issued by many companies. Many companies issue a scholarship of $10,000 to help women, who are over 40 and are single mothers, get the help that they need to be graduate.


Selected Professional Fellowships—These scholarships awards single mothers anywhere between $5- $20,000 if they are entering some graduate school. These scholarships are just the perfect ones if you are going to study in engineering or any other related field.


National Sculpture Society—The society awards $1000 to the single mothers per annum to continue their studies in the field of Performing Arts.


AIGA Scholarships—These scholarships are also available for single mothers and will award you $1-$5000.00 each year if you are studying to be a designer, an artist or plan to work in a studio as your career.